Notepad++ 7.8 Release Candidate 4

  • 7.8 RC4 is available for testing here:

    Fixed from RC3:
    Fix the crash on macro modification.

    Notepad++ v7.8 enhancements and bug-fixes:

    1. Upgrade Scintilla from 4.1.4 to 4.2.0
    2. Fix non Unicode encoding problem in non-Western language(Chinese or in Turkish).
    3. Add “No to All” and “Yes to All” options in Save dialog.
    4. Add the command line argument “-openFoldersAsWorkspace” to open folders in “folder as workspace” panel.
      Example: notepad++ -openFoldersAsWorkspace c:\src\myProj01 c:\src\myProj02
    5. Enhance plugin system: allow any plugin to load private DLL files from the plugin folder.
    6. Fix File-Rename failing when new name is on a different drive.
    7. Make “Clear all marks”, “Inverse Bookmark”, “Remove Consecutive Duplicate Lines” & “Find All Current Document” to be macro recordable.
    8. Make “Command Argument Help” MessageBox modal.
    9. Fix Folder as Workspace crash and “queue overflow” issues.
    10. Make Combobox font monospace in Find dialog.
    11. Fix folding in user-defined languages for non-windows line endings.
    12. Fix crash of Folder as Workspace when too many directory changes happen.
    13. Fix ‘-nosession’ overwrites config.xml issue.
    14. Fix the crash due to NPPM_DESTROYSCINTILLAHANDLE message.*
    15. Improve GUI in Find dialog for Find Previous & Find Next buttons.
    16. Fix Sort Line as Integer regression.
    17. Add more OS information to debug info.
    18. Fix tab dragging issues under WINE and ReactOS.
    19. Fix indent indicators continue to following code blocks for Python.
    20. Fix Python folding collapse issue.
    21. Fix crash when sorting “out of range” columns.
    22. Fix find 2 times for the same occurrence in both original and cloned documents issue.
    23. Fix command line issues where filenames have multiple white spaces in them.
    24. Fix Document Peeker constantly changing focus problem.
    25. Make backward direction checkbox be also on Find dialog’s Mark tab.
    26. Add 2 new columns for HTML Code in the Character Panel.
    27. Fix “clear all marks in find dialog also removes bookmarks” issue.
    28. Enhance supported language (on function list or auto-completion): LISP, BaanC,(PL/)SQL & COBOL.

  • @donho

    I just download and did my test and it didn’t crash anymore, thx.
    But, to be honest, I’m confused as you stated

    You might be right, I personally cannot find the bug in this case.

    and now it seems you’ve fixed it.
    Did I introduce some weirdness here?
    Just to make it clear, in RC3 it crashed only when using x64
    but was ok with x86 version of Npp.

  • @Ekopalypse

    This issue has been fixed for sure, in my way.
    What @SinghRajenM has tried to say is my assumption for the cause of bug is not correct and there’s more correct way to fix it.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  • How can I change the font in the Find\Replace window boxes? The text is hard to read rather than v7.1.1

    v7.8 - hard to read

    v.7.1.1 - easy to read

  • @rddim

    Please confine topics in this thread to critical bugs in the release candidate. This will help focus the developer’s attention to get a solid 7.8 version released. Open a new thread topic for questions such as the one you asked.

  • @donho said in Notepad++ 7.8 Release Candidate 4:

    This issue has been fixed for sure, in my way.
    What @SinghRajenM has tried to say is my assumption for the cause of bug is not correct and there’s more correct way to fix it.
    Sorry for the confusion.

    I was not able to reproduce crash on x64. Though, I didn’t use RC3 binary. But I used the latest code complied using VS2019.

    Now with the new change we may get sudden surprises as NppParameters dtor is not called which does some cleanup. Even though, we are calling NppParameters::destroyInstance(), but this call does not delete NppParameters's object which is a local static pointer variable of function static NppParameters& getInstance().

  • Critical bug report for RC4:


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