How to automatically make lot of Notepad or .txt (plz help)

  • So i try to make lot of notepad which inside it have a short script

    each notepad have title that match with script
    example : 1.txt inside it have text like : script_1
    2.txt text : script_2 and list goes on

    can i do that automatic ? by computer ?
    i want to make 50.000 of it

  • @Rotua-Frans-Manalu

    Though the solution for this task is a very simple Batch script I won’t post it here for two reasons:

    1. This is a Notepad++ user forum, i.e. it’s intended purpose is to help fellow users having problems with Notepad++ and its features and with tasks that can be solved with Notepad++ itself or with a little help by one of its plugins.
    2. The solution of this problem is so easy that you have to put only little effort in it to solve it by yourself. Moreover you will learn something useful. Hint: google for batch for loop, the for /l variant is your friend.

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