NPPFTP setup with two factor authentication

  • We have 2 factor authentication .When we login thru putty after entered unix password, it will prompt you to enter authentication code which received to Duo mobile APP .

    Can one someone help me to setup SSH connection thru notepad++? please provide the steps .

  • I have never had a 2-factor-auth for FTP, so I don’t know for sure.

    My guess is that NppFTP isn’t currently set up in such a way as to handle it…

    As evidence against my guess, according to the NppFTP issue#187, NppFTP can support it. Unfortunately, the blog it links to doesn’t show that page anymore. The Wayback Machine didn’t archive that blog. It looks like Google still has it cached… if you search for "NppFTP" "Two Factor Authentication" "my blogginglife", you should be able to use Google’s “cache” link (on the pulldown arrow) – though if too many people follow that link, they might delete the cache (it happened to the old NPP docs cache). So please don’t abuse that link.

    I am quoting the contents below… unfortunately, the screenshots are all gone, but the text is here, and maybe it would help you.

    I use Notepad++ to do many of my coding. Having the NppFTP plugin works well in creating an SFTP connection to create, edit and delete files on the server without having to use another application. Many of the servers that I SFTP to now use Two Factor Authentication. What is great about the NppFTP plugin, is that the NppFTP plugin already has the option to do Two Factor Authentication. In case you are here wondering how to enable Two Factor Authentication with NppFTP, keep reading.

    Setup a profile:

      _Profile settings_

    Connections: Make sure “Password” is not set (blank) and “Ask for password” is unchecked

      _NppFTP Connection settings_

    NppFTP Authentication: “Try keyboard interactive authentication” should be the only option checked. Click close.

      _NppFTP Authentication_

    Connect to server: Click on the connection icon and choose the server to connect.

      _NppFTP Connect to server_

    A prompt for password will appear when connecting:

      _NppFTP SFTP Password request_

    After entering the password and clicking “OK”, a prompt for the Verification code will appear:

      _NppFTP Verification code_

    After entering the verification code and clicking “OK”, a connection to the server is established.

    Notepad++ version: 7.5.1 (32-bit)

      _Notepad++ version 7.5.1 (32-bit)_

    NppFTP version: 0.27.0 Unicode

      _NppFTP version: 0.27.0 Unicode_

    I make no warranty that this will work. In fact, in my attempts to do keyboard-interactive authentication with normal password-only, I never saw a time when it let me type a password in the keyboard-interactive way, so I’m doubtful that it will work for 2fa nowadays. You might be able to grab an older copy of NppFTP and Notepad++ and try to replicate the exact conditions they list.

    If it doesn’t work for you, you might want to post to that NppFTP issue#187, and ask for help with the getting 2fa for the modern NppFTP and Notepad++ combo.

  • Hello, @kiranunix

    Please follow these steps :
    Step 1:- Open notepad++ and go to the Plugins Menu.
    Step 2:- In Plugins Menu select NppFTP and select Show NppFTP Window
    Step 3:- After window is open, click on Configuration button and select Profile Settings.
    Step 4:- Add your SHH profiles.
    Step 5:- Now Close this window and Connect to the Connection you made using the Connect/Disconnect button on the NppFTP window.

    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

  • @PeterJones

    Thanks a lot.

    I followed these steps . It works. i am able to connect with Two factor authentication .

    I am able to view\edit files under my directory. But its not allowing me to edit files under another user.

    Are there any settings to do sudo login to another user ?

  • @kiranunix said in NPPFTP setup with two factor authentication:

    I followed these steps . It works. i am able to connect with Two factor authentication .

    Great news.

    Are there any settings to do sudo login to another user ?

    That’s not an option I’ve heard of for any ftp client (though I am not an expert). Sorry.

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