MIB file (SNMP) syntax highlighting [User Defined Language]

  • I work on a lot of SNMP projects where I need to read MIB files. I could not find a UDL for MIB files anywhere on the net, but I found a few forum posts here and there where people request it. In the end I decided to make one for personal use, and figured i might as well share it.

    Download here: pastebin.com (save as i.e. userDefineLang-MIB.xml, and place in directory .\Notepad++\userDefineLangs)

    2019-10-16 08_21_03-HOST-RESOURCES-MIB-rfc2790.txt - Notepad++.png

    It’s very rough around the edges, and does not do folding (I could not get it to work due to the complexity of delimiters in ASN.1). It’s purely for visual syntax highlighting to ease on-screen reading of MIB files.

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