Enhancement/Feature Request - Default Directory changes / possible bug fixes

  • I think there are problems with two of the default directory options that should be changed and/or fixed. (Settings … Preferences … Default Directory)

    Remember last used directory option:
    This option works during a session, but does not preserver the last used directory between sessions. Each time I start up with this option selected and go to open a file, it starts in the system32 sub dir of windows. A particularly useless destination.

    This option should retain the last location between sessions or it’s useless in my opinion.

    Specific directory option:
    This works fine as a startup option. However the problem with this option is that most programs will start in the specified default directory every time a program is started, but within that session will remember and use the last used directory.

    I think this option should be changed so that at startup it uses the specific directory, but from then on uses the last used directory. At the very least please add a sub option/check box under the specific folder option to enable retaining the last used directory during a session. That way both versions would be available for those who prefer the current behavior.


  • When you start Notepad++, are you faced with having only a “new 1” file tab? If so, I think there is no “last used directory” to choose from. I have my settings set to remember my last session, so when it starts it opens up all file tabs I had before. From there, opening or saving-as a file prompts me with the directory of the file tab that was active when the open/save-as was invoked – PERFECT, in my opinion. Of course, I may be off base, but for me in this regard, Notepad++ works ideally.

  • I usually start working by right-clicking on a file in explorer and choosing to open with notepad++. Regardless though, I tested your suggestion, and it did not change things. Yes I got back the same files I
    opened after I closed/re-started Notepad++ with last remember current session enabled, but that didn’t really change anything in terms of default/current file location. The first save went to my documents folder, but subsequent ones went right back to system32. Likewise with opening files, which always defaulted to the Notpead++program directory.

    Either way, I still believe that Notepad++ should be able to remember my last directory between sessions whether or not the remember last session option is turned on. First because since they are separate options in separate areas of the preferences. Second, because that is the standard usage in most every windows app.

    Likewise, I still think the specific directory option should be a default for start of the session only, not for all saves. Within a session the saves and opens should default to the last used directory. At least optionally.

    BTW, In case it matters I am using the 64-bit version, and just updated to 7.8.3 before testing the suggested solution.

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