Enhancement/Feature Request - Default Directory changes / possible bug fixes

  • I think there are problems with two of the default directory options that should be changed and/or fixed. (Settings … Preferences … Default Directory)

    Remember last used directory option:
    This option works during a session, but does not preserver the last used directory between sessions. Each time I start up with this option selected and go to open a file, it starts in the system32 sub dir of windows. A particularly useless destination.

    This option should retain the last location between sessions or it’s useless in my opinion.

    Specific directory option:
    This works fine as a startup option. However the problem with this option is that most programs will start in the specified default directory every time a program is started, but within that session will remember and use the last used directory.

    I think this option should be changed so that at startup it uses the specific directory, but from then on uses the last used directory. At the very least please add a sub option/check box under the specific folder option to enable retaining the last used directory during a session. That way both versions would be available for those who prefer the current behavior.


  • When you start Notepad++, are you faced with having only a “new 1” file tab? If so, I think there is no “last used directory” to choose from. I have my settings set to remember my last session, so when it starts it opens up all file tabs I had before. From there, opening or saving-as a file prompts me with the directory of the file tab that was active when the open/save-as was invoked – PERFECT, in my opinion. Of course, I may be off base, but for me in this regard, Notepad++ works ideally.

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