Blue dot on the left border

  • I went looking for this info, but didn’t find any sort of documentation. (That’s been discussed elsewhere.)

    When I accidentally clicked on the left border (where line numbers are) I got a blue dot, which, in an IDE would look like a breakpoint.

    What is that?


  • It’s a bookmark.

    Aside from clicking in that area, bookmarks can be toggled using the menu entry Search > Bookmark > Toggle Bookmark. Or using the Search > Mark … dialog, with the ☐ Bookmark line option enabled.

    You can have multiple lines bookmarked, and can use that Search > Bookmark menu to navigate between bookmarks or manipulate the marks.

  • What is that?

    This is a feature named “Bookmark”. There are many operation supported around bookmark. Refer all operation under menu “Search->Bookmark”. Hope, this helps.

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