Notepad++ was not picking up document changes

  • Hi, I was using an old version of notepad++ and I had 3 documents I regularly had to do a search and replace on. So I just left them open all the time. I would update the documents from another program and with notepad++ already open when I switched to notepad++ in windows it would notify me that the document had been changed by another program. I would then go ahead and do the two search and replace actions and save it and all was good.

    So I upgraded notepad++ (not that I needed to) and this automatic detection of another program changing the document stopped working.

    I just solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling the old version. I just thought I would let you know.


  • @John-Bowles
    are you knows about Monitoring tail -f


  • @John-Bowles

    Maybe the newer version of Notepad++ has different Preference settings than the earlier version. Maybe all you need to do is adjust the Preference setting to get the old behavior you liked back. Or maybe not…

  • @John-Bowles ,

    As @Alan-Kilborn said, check your preferences - go to Settings->Preferences->MISC and on the right check File Status Auto-Detection state.

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