Bring window to front on opening file

  • There isn’t a option to bring NotePad++ to the front window if it’s already open and I open another file, so I end up hunting for what happened every time. This should be a option! :-) Please. Awesume. Love Notepad++

  • @Tyler-Rosolowski

    sorry, not a native English speaker - what do try to achieve??

    Do you mean you have multiple applications running and you want to switch
    from another application to npp? If so -> ALT+TAB might be of help.

  • I’m thinking OP has N++ open and behind other windows and then with Explorer double-clicks associated .txt (for ex.) file…and finds that N++ opens the file into a tab but doesn’t bring N++ to closest to user in the Z order?

    I don’t associate my files that way so I can’t easily test, but I do have a custom “Edit with N++” right-click option I set up in Explorer. Opening a file with it does in fact bring N++ out from behind all the other windows.

  • @Alan-Kilborn said in Bring window to front on opening file:

    I don’t associate my files that way so I can’t easily test

    My .txt files are associated that way (so double-click works), and when I have Notepad++ behind other windows and double-click the .txt in the Windows Explorer, Notepad++ does come to the front as well – even if that file is already open in Notepad++. The same works if I right-click and pick my all-file-type RClick menu item.

    Sorry, @Tyler-Rosolowski ; if we cannot replicate your circumstances, it will be harder to help us. If you could show us your registry entries that run Notepad++ for associated files, and go into the Notepad++ ?-menu, Debug Info > Copy debug info into clipboard and paste it here, we might be able to see if there’s something obvious.

  • Banned

    I have [level 7 qualification](Link removed) can someone help me to full fill on this question Bring window to front on opening file

    Much needed for me as well.

  • @Xavier-Kingston
    what you expect window maximize(if minimize) on opening file

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