Notepad++ portable without plugin_manager

  • Hi
    I have notapad++ 7.6 v32-bit
    I download and
    I extract PluginManager.dll on e:_programmi_no_install_Editor\Notepad++\plugins
    and gpup.exe into E:_programmi_no_install_Editor\Notepad++\updater

    but I can’t see pluginManger on my Notepad
    (Menu) Plugins
    I see DspellCheck, MIME tools, Converter, NppExport

    Thank you in advance

  • Notepad++ v7.6 was the first of the transitional versions, moving away from the old dll-based Plugin Manager to the builtin Plugins Admin. However, it wasn’t until v7.6.3 that the new structure stabilized, and if you want a 7.6.x, I’d go with v7.6.6.

    The most recent, however, is v7.8, with improvement s to the editor component. I’d probably recommend that version, unless you are in a minority situation involving outdated plugins.

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