Font used in combobox find dialog

  • Is there a way to change the font used in the user input fields of the find/replace dialog?
    I’d like to have the same one set in the Default Style (or in Global Override) but the one used is very different (and much smaller).
    I don’t find any setting in the Style Configurator: the only setting I find changing anything is “use monospaced fonts” in the MISC settings.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello, @Simone Fusi

    Please follow these steps:

    Step 1:- Download and install the tool
    Step 2:- Go to the installation directory of Notepad++.
    Step 3:- Copy notepad++.exe to a directory where you have write access.
    Step 4:- Load the copy version of notepad++.exe into installed tool.
    Step 5:- In the tree structure in the left pane open the node Dialog and navigate to the subnode 1600 : 1033.
    Step 6:- In the right pane you will see the resource code of the Search/Replace/Search in Files/Mark dialog. Somewhere on your screen the graphical representation of the dialog should pop up.
    Step 7:- Go to the line FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg"and change it to FONT 12, "MS Shell Dlg". This will change the font size of the dialog from 8 pt to 12 pt.
    Step 8:- Click on the green triangle button in the toolbar to compile your changes.
    Step 9:- Go to (menu) File -> Save to save your changes.
    Step 10:- Tool will create a backup of the original notepad++.exe.
    Step 11:- Copy the changed version of notepad++.exe to the installation folder of Notepad++. To be save I recommend to rename the original EXE file to e.g. notepad++org.exe.

    you start Notepad++ the next time you will have enlarged fonts in the Search/Replace/Search in Files/Mark dialog.

    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

  • Hello, @simone-fusi, @prahlad-makwana4145, @dinkumoil and All,

    May be, @prahlad-makwana4145, it would have been fair to mention that your method was, first, described by @dinkumoil , in that post, below :

    Unfortunately, this nice work-around does not seem to work anymore, with new N++ versions. Indeed, I do get a bigger Find dialog window, with all text enlarged but the font and size, inside the 4 zones Find what :, Replace with :, Filters : and Directory : are unchanged :-((

    Note that I currently use an old laptop, with Win XP SP3 operating system, which could explain why I got no success !

    Best Regards,


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