Opening multiple files???

  • When I try to open an instance of NP++, it always says that it is trying but cannot open “xxxxx” number of files.

    All I want is a single instance, either blank or with the file that I used “Open With” on.

    What am I doing wrong, and how the heck do I fix it?

    Chuck Billow

  • I neglected to tell: I use the instruction at the following link to replace notepad with notepad++.

    I’ve used this for the last couple years without incident.

  • If you were using a normal file-association, I would say that your association was missing the quotes around the %1, so was something like ...notepad++.exe %1 rather than ...notepad++.exe "%1" – if that were the case, and your file had a space in it, then Notepad++ would be trying to open multiple files rather than just one.

    However, since you’re using that registry “hack” – which I’ve never seen a need for, since you can actually associate Notepad++ with those text filetypes, rather than trying to “hack” Windows to convince it to run Notepad++.exe when it thinks it’s running notepad.exe – I am not sure; that hack doesn’t include the %1 at all, so I don’t know how Windows might be forwarding the command-line arguments to Notpad++.exe, and whether the quotes are getting stripped off so that Notepad++ sees multiple names rather than a single name with spaces.

    Personally, I’d just correctly associate text files (or whatever other file type you’re using the hack for) with Notepad++, rather than messing with that hack; that way, if there’s an association bug, you could at least show us the registry entry, and we could point out where you missed the quotes around %1 (or whatever else was going wrong).

  • OK, thanks Peter.

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