select entire IP automatically

  • Is there a setting to activate an intelligent select so that if I double-click on part of an IP, notepad++ will select the whole IP?

  • Settings > Preferences > Delimiter allows you do ☑ add your character as part of word; so adding . to that list, and enabling that checkbox, will make the period a “word” character, as far as double-click and smart highlighting are concerned (but does not affect the \w escape sequence in regular expressions). However, that means that any period (not just ones in IP addresses) would be selected when you try to select a word with double-click (for example, it would select the period next to the last word in a sentence).

    There is no setting which would allow you to include periods in double-clicks under some circumstances but not under other circumstances; sorry.

  • That is perfect. If it screws me up later in some unexpected way, then I suppose it will not be perfect, but it sure works for now!

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