Plugin to export plugins?

  • Is there a plugin which will export your installed plugins (and their configured options)?

    As I work across several PCs (work desktop / work laptop / home desktop), I constantly get frustrated by not having the “right” plugins on each of the machines. and even when I do, then the settings for them are often wrong. and when I’ve got one set up exactly how I like it, it’s usually about that point that my windows install will crap itself and I need to start again……

    A plugin config backup into the “cloud” folder (as specified in the “normal” options) would be excellent!

    I know I could probably achieve this with a onedrive/dropbox/whatever portable install, but i’d rather have it for a “vanilla” installation type.

  • Plugins options are stored in %AppData%\Notepad++\... hierarchy, the same as Notepad++ options. If you have the cloud setting (Settings > Preferences > Cloud) enabled for Notepad++, that moves it into the appropriate cloud directory; the Plugin options should be moved into that cloud directory as well.

    However, the plugins themselves are stored in the executable directory hierarchy; you could just copy the <notepad++.exe directory>\plugins hierarchy over to the new computers

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