UDL for Log files

  • I try to define a UDL for some kind of LOG-files. So it should be rather simple, no bracket intention and all that stuff

    Nevertheless I have some questions:

    It highlights number only when the are alone “1” or “123.45”. But it does not mark them when they are side by side with other characters: “1+2=3”, “version21”
    How to highlight every number?

    How to highlight strings as parts of other strings, like “check”: in “upCHECKer” or “CHECKed” or “NumberCHECKing”

    I used (tried to use) quotes with German Umlaute, like “grosse Mühle” or “ärgerlicher Fehler”. It seems that these words are only accepted without quotes - correct?

    Final blanks are not accepted with quotes. “Where are Joe and” works fine. "Where are Joe and " are not accepted as multipart keyword. Correct?

    Thanks and regards!

  • @Pierre-de-la-Verre

    FYI: In Notepad++ UDL configurator unfortunately doesn’t support regular expressions though this would help in a lot of cases like yours. But you could try the Analyse Plugin (availabel via built-in Plugins Admin). It has been especially developed for analysing log files and supports regular expressions. Could be a better approach for you than fiddling around with UDL configuration.

  • @dinkumoil

    thanks. It’s an interessting feature, but in my special case a highlighting seem to be better.

  • @Pierre-de-la-Verre

    UDL has been designed to support highlighting of programming languages, your use case is a little bit different to this.
    At the moment I see 3 ways to make this work.

    1. You write your own lexer
    2. You use a scripting plugin and enhance the already defined UDL with the missing features.
    3. By using a slightly different approach like the one mentioned by dinkumoil.

    When you want to make either 1 or 2 work, there is, for example, the PythonScript plugin which has a logfile lexer as an example script.
    In addition, I described here how one can enhance an already defined UDL with pythpn and regex.

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