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  • Hi, It’s possible to do an action in a Files Menu for Send via i-mail the actual file open? Thanks .Eduard.

  • @Eduard-castany said in Send File i-Mail:

    to do an action in a Files Menu

    In the Files menu? No.

    However, you can add something to the Run menu. If i-mail is some application found at c:\path\to\i-mail.exe, and you could send a file to i-mail by running c:\path\to\i-mail.exe --attach "d:\path\to\file", then

    1. Close all instances of Notepad++ and start one instance

    2. File > Open %AppData%\shortcuts.xml

    3. In the <UserDefinedCommands> section, add

           <Command name="send via i-mail" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="0">"c:\path\to\i-mail.exe" --attach "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"</Command>
    4. Save and close shortcuts.xml

    5. Exit Notepad++ and reload

    6. Run > send via i-mail should now work

    Of course, if it’s a different path, or need more or less arguments, you need to customize that example. Basically, you need to know the full command-line command to attach a file to i-mail, then you put that as the ___ in the <Command ...>___</Command>, using $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) it the place of the filename; and if there’s a possibility of spaces in the path, put quotes around it.

    More documentation on <UserCommands> in the usermanual’s Config FIles doc

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