PHP bug ****

  • When I’m try press enter, app crashed

    <?php// сursor here!!!
     * ...

    P.S. nope it’s not plugins.

  • @WinterSilence said in PHP bug ****:

    When I’m try press enter, app crashed

    I pressed enter there and it didn’t crash.

    P.S. nope it’s not plugins.

    What did you do to convince yourself of this?

    see here

  • @PeterJones
    problem detected in windows 7-10, utf-8, in 32/64bit latest versions.
    because im disable plugins and try again - crashed in any case

  • If you want help, you will have to provide enough information for us to replicate your problem. As of yet, we cannot replicate your problem, so it’s hard for us to say what’s going wrong for you. I provided a link that described what kind of information might be helpful.

    An anecdotal “latest versions”, for example, is useless, because we don’t know what you consider “latest” (it could be the latest one you downloaded a decade ago, or the latest one that autoupdate asked you to install, or the latest one that was released on the official website, or the latest one in whatever unofficial distribution channel you download from).

    If you want to prove that it’s not plugins, you will have to show the Debug Info (described in that link) of your version in the same instance that you’re about to crash in.

    I will show you an example of it working for me, with enough information that you should be able to replicate my results.

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