Session snapshot not working with 'Bookmarks@Dook' Plugin

  • my work around to find what’s the problem.

    1. using 6.x version of notepad++ 32-bit portable before. (on Windows 10 64-bit)
    2. upgraded to latest version of notepad++ 32-bit v7.8.2. (downloaded zipped file, and extract to application dir.)
    3. OMG!! while doing [step 2], missed to backup “config.xml”. I have lost all my settings.
    4. decided to remove all files to build a clean environment. so, I did delete all files from application folder. there is no files concerned to notepad++(NPP) in %AppData% including Local, Roaming.
    5. extract v7.8.2 32-bit to clean folder.
    6. execute NPP. and look around plugins through ‘Plugins Admin’.
    7. install plugins about 20+.
    8. make ‘new 1’ and paste some scraps from wep page. usually ‘Session snapshot’ is very useful to save memo.
    9. when I close NPP, it complains to save ‘new 1’.
    10. removed all files again, and re-extract all files.
    11. install plugins 1 by 1, with checking ‘Sanpshot’ function.
    12. when installed ‘Bookmars@Dook’ Plugin, Session snapshot not worked. NPP complains to save.

    Is this case just for me?

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