Would it be insulting?

  • One of the best things that I love about Notepad ++ is that there is no requests to install other software & have the program not work properly if I make sure that I answered no or un tick the boxes to install the extra software.

    Would I be insulting those who has worked so very hard on this program if I donate all that I currently have on my prepaid card which is $2.64. I am going to donate this much for now. When I can donate more I will. I hope the small amount isn’t insulting.

    Might I suggest adding a donate button for bitcoin. This site has information as to what bitcoin is and they also report how much bitcoin is equal to US dollar. The best thing about this cryptocurrency is that the real value is based on what people will trust that the coin is worth. This may be the new way we buy & sell internationally. Be sure to put a few affiliate type links to those sites giving bitcoin & dogecoin away for free & that might bring you some income.

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