Scrolling with Cursor Keys

  • Hi.

    I’ve been a heavy user of Notepad++ for over 10 years. For it’s portability and simplicity, it’s my programmer’s editor of choice. In conjunction with the FTP plugin, it becomes very powerful for Raspberry Pi Python coding.

    Recently (last few days, maybe), I’ve notice that when scrolling up and down a piece of code, when the current line gets to the top (or bottom) of the screen, the scroll bars start to scroll but the contents of the main window do not scroll. The contents of the main window suddenly jump to the correct location when I lift my finger from the arrow key, or when I reach to top (or bottom) of the program.

    I find it hard to believe this is something I haven’t noticed before and wondered if it was introduced as part of a recent update. I considered that my PC might be exceedingly busy, but the CPU isn’t busy. interestingly, the CPU use goes to 20-25% when scrolling, which does seem like a lot.

    Anyone seen similar?


  • @Ken-McMullan

    most likely a plugin issue. See here.

  • Thanks for the info folks. Turns out updating to the latest version DSpell solved the problem.

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