Huge lines

  • Suddenly, the editor has huge lines. I reset everything. I even deleted the whole %APPDATA%\Notepad++ folder but the problem remains. I don’t know what to do :(


  • This post is deleted!

  • I doubt @Carlos-André-Viana will be back.

    However, @Tim-Li-0 had a similar problem, mentioned here, and a reboot worked. So future readers looking for the same problem who come across this post might try that.

  • The same here - after update HUGE line spacing.
    Reinstalling old/new version did not help.
    Reboot did not help either!
    It’s is now impossible to use Notepad++ in my work.
    So, looking for how to fix it quickly
    finding the other alternative text editor with similiar functionality.

  • @PWR-Pro said in Huge lines:

    So, looking for how to fix it quickly

    What plugins are you using? Some may mess with this. For example, with NppExec, I can change my line spacing:




  • @Michael-Vincent said,

    What plugins are you using?

    @PWR-Pro : the easiest way to communicate that to us is ?-menu, Debug Info dialog, and copy the info from the dialog (click the link to copy) then paste it in your reply.

    Aside from NppExec plugin, the PythonScript plugin could influence it similarly. And the ExtSettings plugin can manually change the line spacing by the Upper/Lower line spacing options.

  • @carlos-andré-viana, @Pwr-pro and All,

    May be, you’re, both, using an “exotic” font ?

    For instance, on my configuration, I’ve got the Cambria Math font installed. I don’t use it and I should remove this font from my system, anyway ;-))

    If I select this font for the default style for the Global Styles language, the text of this post appears as below :


    If I select the Cambria proportional font, we get, this time, a more coherent text :


    Note that I’m using the default zoom factor

    Best Regards,


  • I had this exact same thing happening.

    Not a day old Windows 10 installation.
    I noticed that my disk management started to behave rather strangely and after which I noticed HUGE line margins on np++


    I do have a small 200kb video of how my disk management is behaving. But I cant embed it here. Says not enough privileges. It seems that disk management is using same windowing system so maybe these things are related?

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