multiple txt to one new txt

  • thank you very much. excellent result. I’d still like if you could also delete the first part of the text in front of the email from:
    asda mrthhrhmm17
    until you get: mrthhrhmm17
    this of course for all the email addresses listed …

  • Hi, @pinuzzu99 and All,

    No problem ! If we assume that there are no space char in e-mail addressses ( generally the case ! ) and further on, in current scanned line, we just need to add an alternative which, implicitly, looks for lines with an e-mail address and deletes from beginning of current line till a non-null range of space characters. Thus, the following regex S/R :

    SEARCH (?-s)^(?!\h*[\w.\x20]+@).*\R?|^.*?\x20+


    And you’ll obtain your expected result :

    Best Regards,


  • oh yes! finally what i wanted!
    thank you very much, dear guy038.

  • another little help:
    i have another txt with text like this:

    i need have like this:


    i want delete all :number:number

  • @pinuzzu99

    What have you tried?
    What did you get?
    What didn’t work about it?

  • which regex is needed to eliminate :number:number at the end of each line

  • Hi, @pinuzzu99 and All,

    Nice ! I even succeded to merge your two kinds of text, by adding a third alternative in the search regex !

    So, starting with the input text, below, where the e-mail adresses may be :

    • Preceded with any chars ( asda, 12345 …), followed with, at least, one space char OR beginning the line

    • Followed with, at least, one field, determined by a colon separator char

    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah
    bla bla blah

    Use the following regex S/R :

    • SEARCH (?-s)^(?!\h*[\w.\x20]+@).*\R?|^.*?\x20+|.+?:.+?\K:.+


    • Of course, the Regular expression search mode is selected and the Wrap around option is ticked

    • You must use the Replace All button, exclusively ( Not the Replace button ! )

    We get the following output text :

    Notes :

    This regular expression is composed of 3 alternatives :

    • The first part (?-s)^(?!\h*[\w.\x20]+@).*\R?, which have been explained previouly. If deletes any entire line, which does not contain a @ char, after a non-null range of words chars and possible dot and/or space chars

    • The second part ^.*?\x20+ which deletes all text between beginning of line and a non-null range of space characters, if that line contains an e-mail address, further on

    • The third part .+?:.+?\K:.+ deletes, after the e-mail adress, from the second : char found till the last standard char of the current scanned line

    • Note, in this last part, the use of the lazy quantifier +? to identify all standard chars between the first and the second : chars and the \K syntax before the second : char, which resets the overall search and just grabs all the remaining chars of current line, from the second :, included

    Remark :

    I strongly advice you to learn the regular expresions world ! Of course, you’ll have to study for 1/2 months, but it’s really worth it ;-)). To begin with, consult this FAQ :

    Best Regards,


  • ohhhhh very great! many thanks for your help! very very thanks.
    and you’re right when you say you have to study. and usually I do. but in the case of np ++ using little, it did not occur to me to search and learn reg ex expressions. but I will take your suggestion into account.

    for my question: this is ANOTHER txt, then different. but anyway you code work great, my intent was that! very very many thanks for your help!

  • Hi, @pinuzzu99,

    Ah, OK ! So, if we consider that there were 2 separate tasks and starting with your exact input text, below :

    The following regex S/R :

    • SEARCH (?-s)^.+?:.+?\K:.+


    • Click on the Replace All button, exclusively

    should leave you with your expected result :



  • thanks you so much, again! cheers

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