File association made easier

  • There should be a better way to set file associations. 7-Zip does it with one button click, why can’t it be done here as well?

    alt text

    The developer should add this already. I’ve been using Notepad++ for almost 3 years now and this has always been a problem. If I could use Windows 10’s Default Programs to do it, I wouldn’t be here complaining.

    Since this is a Windows-only program, it should get with the times and become easier to set up.
    I already see the website got an overhaul so it’s uglier now, it’s flat and monochrome… just like modern times… now go and do the same about the file association.


  • Does this dialog not work for you? Or do you just not like it?


    If you don’t like the way it’s implemented, feel free to write the code fixes yourself, and submit a pull request, and see whether it gets incorporated; or, if you don’t have the right coding skillset, then follow the FAQ to make a feature request – that’s the way open source software works.

    Whining and complaining in a community forum won’t do you much good (and won’t win you any brownie points with the people who might answer your question(s)).

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