64Bit or 32bit

  • I have had a few people ask 32 or 64 install…
    I dont know anyone now days with 32bit windows 10, everyone is 64bit OS.

    Does the 64Bit Version of Notepad++ have anything to do with the OS? should the it match?
    If someone was to ask for this tool what is the default suggestion be?

  • A 64bit OS can run both npp versions,
    whereas as a 32bit OS can only run the 32bit npp version.
    In general, a 64bit application versions benefits from 64bit OS
    One issue might be, that not all plugins are available for 64bit version.

  • @Zachery-S

    I’ve run both on Windows 10 64-bit. I migrated to exclusively use only N++ 64-bit about a year ago. It depends what plugins you want / use - not all are available on 64-bit. For me, the DBGp plugin is the only one I use(d) that I can’t get on 64-bit (32-bit only). I had an issue with MultiClipboard as well, but was introduced to Ditto on this forum and it’s way better than the MultiClipboard plugin.

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