display the entire section in the output window

  • Hi All,

    when searching for text Section (multiple lines), in output window only first line of section is presented,

    how to make Notepad display the entire section found ?



  • @aajez

    It is only designed to show the first line. If you want to see the entire match, double-click the result and the entire match will be selected in the main editing window.

  • upsss, but then it is useless …
    if I wish to copy all section-matches ?

  • @aajez

    I can’t tell for certain because your screenshot is small and doesn’t reveal all, but…

    It appears your search expression may match complete lines. If this is true, you can copy the matches with the following technique:

    • Switch to the Mark tab of the Find window.
    • Tick the Bookmark line option.
    • Probably also tick the Wrap around option.
    • Press the Mark All button. All of your matches will be highlighted in red, and a bookmark symbol will appear between the line numbers and the text of the lines that hit.
    • Go to the Search menu, Bookmark submenu, and choose from that Copy Bookmarked Lines

    In the event that your search expression does not match entire lines, there are some more involved techniques for copying the text, but I’ll leave that alone for now, unless we hear back that that’s really what you need to do. Also, it appears there is an open issue for copying red-marked, without using the bookmarking method; see “Marked text needs to be copyable”.

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