search window hided if I drag it to be under the windows task bar?

  • How can I refound the search window if I drag and hide it under the windows task bar. I need to close the Notepad then and restart it.

  • @Lee-Allen

    It’s currently a problem with Notepad++ (7.8.4 and earlier) as you’ve discovered.

    It appears there is a change coming in the next release which will prevent this from happening; details.

    But meanwhile, left-click and drag your taskbar from the bottom (presumably) of screen to one of its sides. This should allow you to grab the Find window with the mouse and move it back more central. Then you can put the taskbar back to being along the bottom.

    Alternately, in the Notepad++ main window, press ctrl+f then hold the Alt key and tap and release the spacebar. This will popup a menu with a “move” option showing. Choose that move option and then use the arrow up key to bring the Find window back above taskbar level. Press Enter to release the Find window from “move mode”.

    So, you get into this situation by moving the Find window (with the mouse) really “low” on the screen, and letting it go when most of it is offscreen and the part that remains is completely behind (but still showing through) the taskbar. Try to avoid doing this. :-)

    Actuually, looking deeper at the code change on github mentioned above (actually by running the executable provided with that change), I see that nothing about it will prevent you from “losing” the Find window again in this same way. :-(

    However, it appears that the NEXT ctrl+f press will bring the Find window back to a location where you can again work with it, instead of having to resort to “tricks/workarounds” to do so. :-) So in the future if it gets “lost”, just press ctrl+f and it should appear again.

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