Why are there so many closed pull requests instead of merged requests on the github repository?

  • I am interested in contributing to Notepad++ and just saw that a lot of pull requests(https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed) were closed(with accepted tag) and not merged. Is there a specific reason to this? What do I have to do so that if I ever make a pull requests they are merged?

  • A large majority of pull requests are merged in. However since they are merged in manually they end up looking like they are “closed”.

    Anything with the “accepted” label is a more accurate way to see what pull requests end up getting integrated.

  • @Anutrix

    and not merged

    From the view presented by clicking your link: Why do you think they are not merged? If you take the first one currently in the list and click on it, this view will open up:


    See the area I’ve highlighted? This shows how you can track the commit that actually put this change into the Notepad++ master sources.

    What do I have to do so that if I ever make a pull requests they are merged?

    Well, at least part of what you have to do is:

    • follow the “contributing guidelines”
    • have a good idea for a change, or work on an existing feature request or bug
    • code it well and correctly
    • have the development team agree that you have coded it well and correctly
    • have the author agree that it is a good change and is something that he wants in Notepad++
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY: realize and accept that your change may never make it “in”, for one reason or another

  • Actually, to be fair, some of the PR shown in the OP’s original link are closed without being merged into master sources, but the majority of those shown in the view presented by that link were actually merged.

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