How to enable highlighting when   working in html // Как включить подсветку   при работе в html

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    Подскажите ответ на такой вопрос: Как включить подсветку тега " " при работе с языком html?

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    Tell me the answer to this question: How to enable the highlighting of the " " tag when working with html?

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    That looks highlighted to me (italic, non-bold, which is different than the bolded plaintext around it)

    To change the highlighting for entities, Settings > Style Configurator > HTML > ENTITY, and set the Foreground, Background, and Font Style as you would like.


    Note: all entities use the same styling. If you don’t like this, you can add extra highlighting to a builtin lexer (like the HTML lexer) using regexes via the script that @Ekopalypse shares in this linked post

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