Good news new NPP

  • Good news
    try to improve NPP on :

    • the number of file & find history is more than 70

    • find dialog is larger and hold more strings , clearer status message

    • less binary size

  • !! This post announces an unofficial build, with modifications to the source code that are outside the control of the Notepad++ development team !!

    You are allowed to fork open source projects, give them a new name and new features, and distribute them.

    However, since this is a Notepad++ forum, I want to make it clear to other readers of this Forum that your announcement is for a separate product, not just a new official version of Notepad++.

  • Adding to what @PeterJones said:

    PLEASE DON’T POST INFORMATION ON UNOFFICIAL (FORKED) VERSIONS HERE. Maybe an announcement is okay…but that’s it.

    This area is for official Notepad++ only, lest people be confused as they search for answers in the future, about why something may or may not be working.

    Please create your own forum if you want one, for unofficial/forked builds.

  • the number of file & find history is more than 70

    Isn’t this achievable with regular N++?

    less binary size

    Can’t imagine why this could possibly be important

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