deselect line (or part of selection)

  • hi to everybody.
    into one txt, select all text, how to deselect one line from selection?
    or how to deselect part of selection?
    or how to select 2 part of the text separated?

  • @pinuzzu99

    The only thing that Notepad++ offers is adding a selection once one (or more) are already active. This is called *Multi-Editing" and can be enabled in the Preferences.

    There is no concept of removing part of a selection from an already existing selection. I’m sure something could be scripted, but then ones into the problem of how a user would specify just what is to be deselected.

  • tanxs Alan for your reply.
    and yes i agree with you when you say how a user would specify just what is to be deselected… one little suggestion it would be to bookmark the line (or lines) and be able to eliminate lines with bookmarks… or deselect text with CTRL hold…

    well, i seem to understand therefore that i have to eliminate the part that does not interest, and then make a selection of the text … ok i will do this, if there are no alternatives.

  • @pinuzzu99 said in deselect line (or part of selection):

    or deselect text with CTRL hold…

    This is already used to initiate a “copy drag and drop” operation; using it in another way would be problematic due to this.

  • oh yes… sorry!
    i have big idea: add to next version of np++ INVERT SELECTION from edit menu…!

  • @pinuzzu99

    It’s a “big idea”, sure, but unfortunately for most people it just isn’t very useful.

  • maybe for most people, but not for all… it is a function that is not present, and in some cases it may be useful. I hope it will be implemented in future versions …

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