Notepad++ for mac

  • Is it possible to build the windows App of notepad++ for mac OS as well…That would be great if it is available for mac


  • @Odata-Dev said in Notepad++ for mac:

    Is it possible to build the windows App of notepad++ for mac OS as well

    No, but you might have a chance running notepad++ by using WineHQ, as long as you don’t use Catalina.

  • Hello, @Odata-Dev

    Follow this step,To Notepad++ for mac

    step 1 :-Download WineBottler 1.6.x from
    step 2:-Copy WineBottler and to your Mac.
    step 3 :-Start WineBottler.
    step 4 :-Search for “notepad” in the **“Download”**Section, click "Notepad++"
    step 5 :-Give the App a name.Then Wait 🙂 .
    step 6 :-Done. Run Notepad++ from “On My Mac” or from wherever you have installed the
    App to.
    step 7 :-If Notepad++ finds some updates, just let it install them - select “Restart
    after the updates are installed. Wait for Notepad++ to apply the updates and relaunch

    I hope above step will be useful for you.

    Thank you.

  • anyway for Catalina Mac OS ?

  • @Prahlad-Makwana4145

    anyway for Big Sur 11.2 Mac OS ?

  • Is there a notepad++ version update for macOS Big Sur?

  • Have any of the people replying to this topic with “me too”-like posts, 8, 12, or 14 months after the original discussion, even read the initial answers?

    Notepad++ is a Windows-specific application, written completely with code specific to the Win32 API. There is no version made by the developers for Mac. The only way to run a true Windows/Win32 application like Notepad++ in a Mac environment is through an intermediate-layer program like the WineHQ or WineBottler software mentioned above, or similar products not mentioned; if those intermediate-layer programs don’t work on your particular Mac, or if the intermediate-layer program doesn’t run this particular win32 application on your version of Mac, there is nothing that the Notepad++ development team can do about it, because Notepad++ is written for Windows and works properly in the environment it was written for.

  • Another option is to install PlayOnMac to install Windows applications through that in Mac OS. As previously mentioned, there is no native Notepad++ for Mac OS. But this workaround is for someone who is familiar with Notepad++ and wants to quickly work/edit on some documents on Mac. I have even made a video tutorial about it. You can view it here.

  • IT dept recently forced a m1 macbook on me, as I was the last one clinging to my trusty (but old) windows laptop. After being disappointed with at least 10 different, promising native editors, I got notepad++ up and running somewhat acceptable, but not great. My colleagues look at me like I am from another planet when I trashtalk their Atom, vCode, textMate, brackets, bbedit etc, but they just can’t get the job done as efficiently as I can with notepad++.

    As Notepad++ is heavily reliant on Win32, I can understand what kind of undertaking it would be to rebuild it from the ground up. And after reading the “poop factory” sentiment from another (legendary) post, I can see why a partnership with a commercial development studio is not desirable.

    But maybe there are other options, like involving other independent developers? Nobody likes working for free, but luckily Apple fanbois are used to paying for everything, all the way down to ringtones for their phones. So with a good conversion and reasonable pricing, it should be possible to finance the work, and maybe an extra Starbucks once in a while? I know I’d buy it immediately out of my own pocket if it was avaiable, and I can’t be alone.

    Now please hold my beer while I head over to the HeidiSQL forum to deliver a similar speech. :-)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jesper-Knudsen Please make this a separate post and tag the dev directly. I see myself using macbooks in the future and np++ on macos would be a goddamn treat

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