When Notepad++ arrives on iOS and Android ?

  • Notepad++ is my best text editor on my windows PC but I like to to try it on my Apple iPhone and others phones android.
    When will that be possible?

  • @Mario-Trinchero said in When Notepad++ arrives on iOS and Android ?:

    When will that be possible?

    Never. Because it doesn’t make any sense.

  • I don’t see any text editor like notepad++ on Apple Store.

  • It is unfortunate that you cannot find high-powered text editors on Apple Store. As a non-Apple user, I cannot suggest any good ones. But there’s not much we as the Notepad++ (user) Community can do about it.

    The reason official ports of Notepad++ don’t exist for iOS or Android is because the core of Notepad++ was written using the Win32 API, which is the MS Windows way of handling window management and intra-process and inter-process communication. This API is significantly different than the various GUI toolkits available for Android or iOS. By the time enough of the Notepad++ codebase was re-written to be able to work on those completely different platforms, they would cease to be Notepad++.

    (There is someone who released something they called “Notepad++” to Android, IIRC, but it is unaffiliated with the official Notepad++ discussed here, and has nothing to do with the codebase or this project or forum.)

    To sum up: I am sure there are plaintext editors available for iOS and Android, but Notepad++ is not one of them; some in the Notepad++ community may have text editors that they use or recommend for their portable devices, but that’s not actually the focus of this forum, so I don’t know how good of an alternative suggestion you will get. But, to be helpful, let me google that for you on iOS and Android.

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