Detect external changes tweak

  • N++ is great at detecting external change to a document being edited, when you switch to N++ from another app. It says if the document has been changed, offers to reload it, and lets you know if you have typed anything that would be lost.
    But none of this happens if you are in N++ editing that document and don’t switch away.
    eg. start editing abc.txt, type various things, meanwhile some other app makes changes to abc.txt, then you eventually get around to pressing save. Your changes are saved ok, but whatever the other app added is lost.
    If, before pressing save, you had switched away from N++ then back, you would have been informed of what was about to happen.
    To me it seems easily solved. Make a note of the timestamp of the file as its opened. When you press save, check the timestamp hasn’t changed and if it has, inform the user so once again, they can choose to reload/lose their changes etc.

  • Sounds like a scary scenario to me.

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