How to: Search & Replace in .html file , force newLine .

  • Hello & Thanks ’
    I would like to search for “>” in .html file
    and replace it with “>” and “newLine” .
    So that np++ forces a newLine in np++ every time it encounter a “>”
    This will make it easier to find the stuff that I need to edit .
    Please , how to .

    Btw: Why does your Forum now force me to login via Facebook or Google . I don’t really want you folks to have all my info . Boo Hiss !


  • Hit Ctrl + H to open Search & Replace dialog.

    Find what: >
    Replace with: >\n

    Under Search Mode, check either Extended or Regular expression. (see screenshot below)
    Before hitting replace, move your cursor to the start of the document (the replace will only replace after your cursor).

    Replace with newlines example

    The characters with backslashes stand for: \t (tab), \n (newline), \r (carriage return), \0 (NUL character)


  • Thank you very much !

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