Notepad++ 6.8 release

  • Source Code Pro is used as default font from this version. The font will be applied only if it’s your first installation. In the case you upgrade to v6.8 from an old version, you should set the font Source Code Pro as your default font via Styles configurator; otherwise close Notepad++, delete styles.xml (you will lose your old settings) then relaunch it. Of course you can always restore the old default font “Courier New” via Styler configurator.

    Settings on Cloud feature is modified in this release: its UI is changed from the choices among dropbox, one drive and google drive to a text field of local cloud path to be filled. There are 2 advantages for this change:

    • Settings on cloud implementation won’t depends on non official interfaces of 3 clouds, which causes the regression each time these interfaces changes.
    • Users can read/write on whichever cloud to synchronize their Notepad++ settings.

    Download Notepad++ v6.8 here:

    Auto-updater will be triggered in few days if there’s no critical issue found.


  • Hi Don,

    Hope that you do enjoy your holidays and that you’re on “top” form, from now on !

    Two annoying points, about the new 6.8 version :

    • Are your aware of the lack of the excellent DSpellCheck plugin, in the two archives npp.6.8.bin.7z and ? ( didn’t verify with the installer ) And the archive folder \Plugins\Config\Hunspell doesn’t contain any dictionary ! Did you do it , on purpose, or did you forget to include it, in the v6.8 version ?

    • Some options, in the Preferences dialog, which could be changed, immediately, in past versions, can’t take effect, at once, with the 6.8 version. it needs a stop/restart of N++, to see the wanted changes ! It’s the case, for instance, for the Display line number, Show vertical edge option and so on… Strangely, the new option enable smooth font is immediate !

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    Of course, Don, I could easily get the DSpellCheck plugin back and the dictionaries, as well, from my old configuration, and it works great, with the 6.8 version !

    I also verified that point #2, above, doesn’t occur because of the DspellCheck plugin. Good :)

  • Hi Guy,

    Thank you for your bug report.

    DSpellCheck plugin has been removed from Notepad++ release due to the issue #427
    Otherwise I just created issue #570 for the regression in Preferences dialog, and it will be fixed in next release (v6.8.1).

  • I’m not here to complain at all.
    But since I installed 6.8 My screen freezes for 15 seconds or so when I open more than one file at a time.
    I usually am opening .xml files.
    Thanks Still great software, the best. I’m going to revert to 6.7.9

  • Hi Michael,

    It could be the font issue.
    Could you try this improved version regarding the font:
    unzip it into a new created folder, reboot the system (in order to process the test properly), then launch notepad++.exe.

    Please let me know if your issues are solved.

  • Ok yeah, going to try right now.
    LOL I guess I’m too late.
    But I’m installing 6.8.1 now.

  • Its works great!

    My personal Graphics is Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 itx.
    Don’t know if that helps or not.

    Edit:Zipped my config files, I Revo Uninstalled 6.8.1, to do the test.
    It ran good. I think it lagged a slight bit once, that was it. I opened the rest of the files in that folder, no problem.

    I just learned something I never even though of.
    Because I didn’t want to mess with the file associations just yet, so I just drag and dropped files into the editor from that portable version folder. I had no idea that was possible.
    Amazing. Thanks for this great piece of software.
    I’ve used it for 8 years. One of my most used apps. Like my right arm just cant do without it.

  • Also I noticed you .xml coding I’ve haven’t seen it so clean just the way I think it should look.

  • Thank you @Michael-McCord for the confirmation of bug-fix!

  • @donho then ONLY remove it on Windows 10 machines!!! leave us Windows 7 users ALONE!!!

  • @Moltres-Rider You can always use Plugins Manager to get it back.

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