Opening a file in short form?

  • In CSR2 the new car files are different than before. I was told to hit ctrl f Then replace. Look for \s and replace all. This change the format but it’s still not right. Hopefully I’m including enough information to explain my lostness. Thank
    Mark I

  • @Mark-Hanshaw said in Opening a file in short form?:

    Hopefully I’m including enough information to explain my lostness

    Unfortunately, not even close. Sorry.

    Not everyone here knows what CSR2 is – based on your mention of “car files”, I am assuming the top google hit of a racing game is probably it. Given that the game itself isn’t necessarily common knowledge here, us knowing what might be different between the “version 1” and “version 2” car files is rather unlikely, and it’s really hard to give you help with so little information.

    The instructions you were given (“look for \s and replace all”) aren’t even complete. I am assuming they wanted you to replace all space character – in which case, you need to make sure you have the regular expression mode selected the Replace dialog – because \s can be the special regex sequence to match any whitespace (space, tab, newline, and some others). Also, you don’t tell us what they asked you to replace the \s with.

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