session.xml is lost - overwritten by Notepad++ after crashes

  • After a few consecutive PC crashes with open Notepad++, I lost my working session. And it was huge… Over 100 unsaved files (drafts, texts) and some 30-40 open files from various locations in my PC.
    Session.xml got lost and replaced - overwritten by Notepad++ !!
    And, while I can recover unsaved files of that session from %APPDATA%\Notepad++\backup
    I can’t manage right now to reopen all those 30-40 open files from around my PC… I just can’t remember them all, although they were important.

    I’ve to restore the previous version of session.xml with some data recovery software like Recuva, but unsuccessful!!

    Notepad++ must back-up the session.xml itself !

  • FWIW, I run Notepad++ via a batch file that backs up several things for me, before running Notepad++.exe. It has come in handy several times to be able to grab an older file.