Seems to be a bug in the Find All functionality

  • I’ve just tried Notepad++ 7.8.5 32-bit with several Cyrillic text files, then tried Notepad++ 7.6.6 32-bit with the same text files - and came to the following conclusion:

    • the searching (Find All) in non-Latin ANSI text files with long lines (longer than 600 characters) was always broken!

    Here are the steps to reproduce:

    1. Have several ANSI files with non-Latin characters (I tried Cyrillic text files with Windows-1251 encoding) and long lines (more than 600 characters)
    2. Open these files in Notepad++
    3. Search for some non-Latin word using either “Find All in All Opened Documents” or “Find All in Current Document”
    4. Once a matching word is found in a line that is more than 600 characters long, there are two defects:
    • Notepad++ is not able to show this line in the Search Results correctly: this line is either unexpectedly truncated (without the trailing “…”) or is ended with a square (unreadable) symbol;
    • Notepad++ does not jump to the matching word when double-clicking this line in the Search Results (well, sometimes Notepad++ succeeds with it - when the matching word is near the beginning of the line; but it does not succeed when the matching word is closer to the end of the line).

  • I’ve created the corresponding issue on GitHub:
    It contains two test files attached, as well as two words to be searched for to reproduce the issue in the whole scope.

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