Post-It mode disable always on top

  • Hi, I was looking for a disable always-on-top solution for the post-it mode and I saw a 2016 question on the topic but without any answers.
    Therefore, after finding a somewhat acceptable solution, I thought to share it with you:

    1. Map the always-on-top option to a shortcut-key combo: Settings -> Shortcut Mapper -> Always-On-Top -> choose any combo, eg. Ctrl+Alt+PageUp
    2. While in Post-It (F12) press the combo Ctrl+Alt+PageUp and voila!
      Caveat: after you get out of Post-It, you need to toggle Always-On-Top again, Ctrl+Alt+PageUp. If you don’t toggle modes too often, this should not be too bad :).

    If anyone has a better solution, looking forward to it!
    Catalin T

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