Recovering temp "new" tabs

  • I know that when a new tab is opened but the contents not saved to a file yet, Notepad++ keeps the data in it’s own location as the program can be closed and opened and the tab contents persist.

    However, if a tab is closed and told to not save the contents, have the contents been deleted or can it still be recovered from the temp location?

    I opened a new tab, wrote a lot of code, cloned it to see the contents side-by-side, then close the tab on one side of the editor and later noticed the tab was totally gone, and possibly my code as well.

  • @blcartwright What version of N++?

    I observed this behavior in that situation, with N++ 7.8.4:

    A modified “Unnamed/unsaved” file cloned; right-click Close that file in one of the views: Notepad++ prompts to save that file. If answer No, Notepad++ closes that view and leaves the file tab open in the other view.

    Interestingly, after letting N++ sit for a bit, and then attempting to close it (single-viewed unnamed/unsaved doc still open), Notepad++ prompts with “Your backup file cannot be found (deleted from outside). Save it otherwise your data will be lost. Do you want to save the file?”

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