Session bug in v7.8.5 ?

  • Hi,

    Is it only me or the C++ folding restoring from previous session is broken in v7.8.5 ?
    XML folding restoring is working though.

  • The bug is persisted only when load from %APPDATA%\Notepad++\session.xml - ie. without doLocalConf.xml beside of your notepad++.exe.

  • Hello, @Don-Ho and All,

    As for me , I can say, that folding is really kept in a C, C++ and C# files, of my session, after stopping and re-starting my portable N++ v7.8.5 configuration, which contains, of course, the zero-length doLocalConf.xml file !

    Best Regards


  • Thank you @guy038 for your test.
    Could you do again the test without doLocalConf.xml please ?

  • @donho

    seems to work for me


  • Hi @don-ho, and All,

    So, I cloned my v7.8.5 portable directory and, at this new location, I deleted the doLocalConf file

    Then, of course, the configuration files were created in C:\Documents and Settings\Guy\Application Data\Notepad++

    Up to now, the folding mechanism seems OK, both, with or without the doLocalConf file but, and it’s important to point it out, ONLY IF  files are not ANSI encoded. I tested with C, C++,C#, HTML, XML, Python, lua files !

    I’ll try to test folding, with other languages, with and without doLocalConf, as soon as possible ;-))



  • Thank you @Ekopalypse & @guy038 for your tests.

    I guess it’s my environment which makes this bugs. I’ll inform you if I find the cause.

  • @donho

    Did some further tests with my setup.

    If I set settings->preferences->new document->encoding->utf-8
    and check apply to opened ansi files then everything works as expected. In local conf mode as well as in appdata mode.

    BUT every other combination under settings->preferences->new document->encoding
    behaves like this

    Every first document in each view remembers the folded lines but
    every other document has everything unfolded, in local conf mode as well as in appdata mode.

  • @Ekopalypse said in Session bug in v7.8.5 ?:

    Did some further tests with my setup

    Kudos. That is some serious debugging and detective work.

  • Hello, @don-ho, and All,

    Presently, I’m trying to gather, in a folder , a short example of [ possibly foldable ] code of each language, handled by Notepad++ ! Of course, it probably will take some time to do such a task, using Google. For the moment, I’ve finished all languages starting with A. However, I can’t prevent me from reading a little bit of the documentation about each of them :-(

    In a second step, I’ll test these pieces of code to detect if the folding behaviour is kept over sessions, in local and appdada conf mode and also with different encodings !

    See you later,



  • @Ekopalypse Awesome! I can reproduce it steadily now, though I still have no idea for the cause of bug from code.
    BTW could you share your secret to find how to reproduce that?

    Thank you @guy038 for your effort!

  • @donho said in Session bug in v7.8.5 ?:

    BTW could you share your secret to find how to reproduce that?

    If I tell you that, then all the magic is gone. ;-)

    Seriously, I just stumbled across it by accident.
    I usually work with both views and several documents in each view.
    When I tested it, I discovered it, after that it was curious to see
    if this is also true for other settings.

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