Change the extension of the .txt file

  • I have 1 file including many text files inside (about 30 text files). How to change file extension from .txt to .dic? Is there a way to quickly change that without having to do it manually?

  • @Fake-Trum

    Open the Replace dialog by pressing ctrl+h; then:

    Find what box: .txt
    Replace with box: .dic
    Backward direction checkbox: unticked
    Match whole word only checkbox: unticked
    Match case checkbox: ticked
    Wrap around checkbox: ticked
    Search mode radiobutton: Normal
    Press the Replace All button

  • @Alan-Kilborn Before doing that, I need to open all the text files in notepad ++ (the files I need to change) then I do it your way, right???

  • Seems like this … doesn’t help me. Perhaps you misunderstood the problem.
    I want to restate: I have a lot of the following text files: a.txt, b.txt, c.txt … a lot. And now I want to change to: a.dic, b.dic, c.dic, … Is there a way to quickly convert large numbers without the need to convert individual files ???

  • @Fake-Trum

    Your problem statement wasn’t and isn’t the best. From the info given it sounds like what you need is a group file renamer? Notepad++ doesn’t do batch renaming of files. Maybe something like this would help?: . Don’t know, and that certainly isn’t a recommendation.

  • What @Alan-Kilborn said…

    If your bulk rename is just changing extension, and not doing anything fancy, you don’t even need a utility: if you have a folder full of *.txt files and you want to rename them all to *.dic, open the cmd.exe command prompt in that folder, and run ren *.txt *.dic

  • @PeterJones

    Yea…really the true scope of the problem is unknown.
    People have it really clear in their mind what they need to do.
    But when they ask for help, they often don’t express it well.

  • @PeterJones It looks like this idea is great. Can you tell the details? It is true that I need this.
    @Alan-Kilborn I never have any thoughts on your answers, whether the answer is true or false. Just because of the language barrier, sometimes it’s hard to present content in a coherent, clear and grateful way to you for your enthusiastic support. I appreciate anyone’s help. Hope you understand me.

  • My solution is not a Notepad++ solution, so it’s technically off-topic. Also, I thought I was pretty clear, but language barrier is hard to overcome sometimes. To help out a fellow Notepad++ user, I’ll try to spell it out step-by-step one more time.

    1. Assumptions:
      1. you want to simply rename *.txt to *.dic – no fancy regex-based renames, or adding prefixes or suffixes
      2. you have a folder where all your *.txt files reside; any and every *.txt in that folder should be renamed
    2. Sequence
      1. Run cmd.exe to start a command-line prompt
      2. cd c:\path\to\folder – use whatever folder name your *.txt files are in
      3. ren *.txt *.dic
      4. done

    I am not sure how to make it more clear than that. If this isn’t sufficient, you might try to find a generic Windows/cmd.exe help forum that is in your native language.

  • @PeterJones Thank you so much. Thanks to your support comment, I found the conversion tutorial video instead of using CMD, I used Powershell. Great . Best man of the week: D

  • @PeterJones It is not always convenient like this. Perhaps today I am lucky, to meet you. I am using google to translate. And my question was brief, so Google did a good job. Once again very thank you for this

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