How to change Compair Plugin background color for unmatched lines?

  • I’m using Settings > Style Configurator > Deep Black
    Language set to PHP
    With file A in left view and file B in right view
    Click Plugins > Compare > Compare
    or press Ctl Alt C
    to compare the two files.
    The Issue:
    When lines don’t match the background color changes such that I can’t read the text.
    In default mode the background color is fine but not then using Deep Black
    The Question:
    Where do I change the background color for unmatched lines when running a Compare between a file in the left view and another one in right view?
    Thanks for any help.

  • Suddenly the light bulb went off…
    Click Plugins > Compare > Settings
    and then experiment with the colors to find a background color you like for mismatched lines.

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