Disable Auto Update checking and update

  • How do I permananananananantly disable all auto updating. I just use it as a text editor. I don’t need any new functions or security because I don’t do anything with it that would ever have a security vulnerability and I don’t use anything fancy. It is just Notepad++ so I don’t have to use Notepad. I never ever want to be notified of any updates to the program, plugins, packages, or anything else not mentioned.

  • If you’re a former user, why are you asking? Are you just trying to complain?

    There’s a setting, Settings > Preferences > MISC > Enable Notepad++ auto-updater which can be turned off. If that’s not sufficient, If that’s not sufficient, go into the install directory, updater subfolder, and delete any executable files you find there. (That might also make Plugins Admin not work for you, but since you seem to not care about such features, that should be okay.)

  • OP may be saying that they already have turned off the indicated option and still continue to get notified (i.e. a bug with how the feature works).

    There has been some recent activity on github about it, maybe have a look HERE and maybe HERE.

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