Java highlighting seems broken

  • After many years of disabling Java, I finally switched it on in Notepad 7.8.5; but the highlighting I’m getting is very minimal.
    All it seems to recognize are strings, comments, numbers and operators:
    I tried different styles, but that didn’t help. (Other languages work just fine — and I did restart after activating Java.)
    Is that all there is, or what could be going on here?

  • The best syntax highlighting in the default color theme))

  • In case you are using the default style and still have issues seeing all tokens formatted, then do
    stop npp
    delete stylers.xml
    start npp (it will recreate it from stylers.model.xml)

  • I did delete the stylers.xml file (and NPP did create a new one upon restart), but the styling still looks the same…

  • Ok, I figured it out…
    Turns out that the langs.xml file in my profile folder was seriously outdated. Many languages (among them Java) were missing, and once I’ve updated it with a new version I am now getting proper highlighting of Java.

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