Open and edit a .txt file in the cloud (one-drive or Google-Drive) with notepad ++

  • Hello,
    I want to open and edit directly a certain shared .txt file in the cloud (One-Drive or Google-Drive) with notepad ++ and without using a local installed sync-software with this cloud drive.

    I’ll get only some HTML-Code, if I wanna open a simply .txt file from the cloud. Is this generally possible, Thanks in advance


  • @Johannes-Lorenz ,

    Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

    If you have One Drive or Google Drive installed and running on your computer, then you can use Notepad++ to edit the file in whatever directory the cloud software puts your files.

    If you’re saying that you want to edit a file from One Drive or Google Drive when you aren’t running the cloud application on your computer, then you have to have some way of downloading from the cloud service, putting the file on your local drive, and saving it back to the cloud service; without that, you cannot reasonably expect to use any text editing software that resides on your computer to be able to edit the file.

    I’ll get only some HTML-Code

    I’m really not sure what you mean by that. My guess is that you’ve looked at the cloud file through your web browser in some mode that wraps the file in HTML, and tried to do a “view source” or similar action. I think in such cases, the cloud service web interfaces generally have a “download” button or “view raw text” button. From there, you could save the file to your local computer, edit it with Notepad++, then use the web-based interface to upload the new copy back to the cloud.

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