"Stop beep sound when searching" Development request

  • I want to stop beep sound.
    A beep sounds when the searched character is not hit.
    I hope it will be included in the next update.

  • You mean like what’s described in the official documentation (you will have to search that page for “sound” – there is no anchor for making an easy link, sorry).

    For more discussion on the implementation, see the original feature request. For more discussion on the documentation, see the usermanual repo pull request

  • Thank you very much. I couldn’t find them.
    I tried using the sound mixer. I tried a lot.
    But unfortunately I don’t see N ++ in the Sound Mixer. (i do Search failed)

    There are many requests from users.
    I wonder why it sounds. unpleasant sound. I would like to support N ++.

  • NPP uses the standard-sound “Asterisk” (Star) for that. You may change that to your liking.

    Assuming you are running Windows 10: To change the App-Specific volume, open NPP and make it produce a sound (e.g. perform a search that fails). Keep NPP running. Then open Sound-Settings and go to App-volume and Device settings. You can mute NPP there.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @gerdb42

    Thank you for your reply.
    I am using Windows 10.
    I want to notice when a error occurs, so I do not want to turn off the sound.

    Changing the sound is a good idea.
    I changed the sound and noticed.
    When I open the SoundMixer at the moment I hear the Notepad ++ error tone, I see the Notepad ++ volume settings.
    solved. Thank you very much.

    —The process of changing the sound—
    Sound used by Notepad ++
    C:\Windows\Media\Windows Background.wav
    This file is protected by the “TrustedInstaller” permission.
    File Properties → Security → Change Owner and Access
    Rename and save your favorite sound with the file name “Windows Background.wav”.

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