Multiple Vertical Edges: Documentation

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    I spawned off a new thread, so we don’t clutter the announcement thread, which is supposed to focus on regression issues.

    @Alan-Kilborn said in Notepad++ v7.8.6 released:


    hopefully you aren’t updating the docs only to have a future change to it forcing you to do it again. :-(

    That is the bane of software documentation. By choosing to take a major role in the user-manual development, I theoretically knew what I was getting myself in for. ;-)

    I am including my likely new description of the multi-edge feature here. Because the manual will be referred to by people who have not updated to the latest-and-greatest, I am continuing to include a description of the old behavior (at least for the time being).

    Likely new description:

    • Vertical Edge Settings
      • This will allow one or more vertical edges to be displayed while editing your file, to help with line lengths or positioning text. This edge indicator can either be a vertical line, or a background shading beyond the edge. The colour of the line or background shading will be taken from Settings > Style Configurator > Global Styles > Edge Color: Forground colour.
      • Multiple Vertical Edges: There is one box, which accepts zero or more numbers (as of v7.8.6):
        • If the box is empty, there are no vertical edges.
        • If there is one number ℕ in the box, there will be one vertical edge, after the column for the ℕth character.
        • If there is more than one number (separated by whitespace), then there will be a vertical edge at each of the given character columns.
        • ☐ Background mode: the vertical edge is usually a vertical line; if this option is enabled, the vertical edge will be indicated by styling the background of the text to the right of the edge.
      • Single Vertical Edge: in older versions of Notepad++, there was only a single vertical edge available, with more toggled options (v7.8.5 and earlier):
        • ☐ Show vertical edge: shows a vertical edge at the specified location, often used to indicate the right margin for manually setting the number of characters per line
        • ☐ Line mode: the vertical edge is indicated by a solid vertical line
        • ☐ Background mode: the vertical edge is indicated by styling the background of the text to the right of the edge
        • Number of columns: __ : sets where the vertical edge will be, in numbers of columns (characters) from the left edge of the page