XML Pretty Print no longer working?

  • I pretty much depend on a daily basis on bringing in files with XML and “Pretty Print” with the XML Tools… I usually bring in XML content files and hit “Ctrl+a” (select all) followed by “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B” to pretty print…

    Since, I believe the latest update of NPP to 7.8.6, this feature no longer appears to work?
    I noticed there was an update available for the XML tools to and just updated that too (significantly re-organised menus and options, but still same keypress for Pretty Print).
    Really sorry - I just tend to install the updates as soon as they’re ready - so not entirely sure of “previous” versions of each, but assume “the latest, whatever comes with NPP Updates” (This time though I specifically noticed the Plugin update and applied that separately).

    BUT: The XML just remains there in one, unreadable lump :(

    Closed / reloaded NPP and the files - still fails…

    [Ah moment]
    Renamed the FILES from .log to .xml…
    Now it works!
    So - I don’t think it works in the same context as before - usually selecting “Language XML” for files where it wasn’t obvious in filename, or fresh “cut & paste” into a new document (to syntax highlight)…
    My .log files WERE highlighted with XML (and I DID try selecting XML language before Pretty Print)…

    So there’s a NEW dependency on the FILENAME being .XML?

  • @Sean-Pearce

    I currently have npp 7.8.5 and xml tools and this seems still
    to work with .log and xml pretty print.
    Maybe you wanna check if this hasn’t been already reported at https://github.com/morbac/xmltools/issues and open an issue?

  • Hmm… Seems to work OK today - regardless of filename or “no file” saved yet… Thanks for the pointer to the “correct” place though :-)

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