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  • I have searched a number of posts using these terms but they don’t seem to address my question. I’d like to be able to pin or bookmark a handful of frequently used files so I can open them quickly.
    Recently used files helps but sometimes I need a file that was not recently used enough, if I’m opening a lot of different files that day.
    This could be in the file menu, like in MS Office applications, or in a separate menu. Is there a feature to do this? Thanks!

  • As far as I know, that functionality doesn’t exist natively in the File hierarchy or through a dockable window.

    However, there are alternatives

    • There may be a plugin (either in Plugins Admin or available elsewhere) that has that functionality. I don’t know of one (I just checked: Bookmarks@Dook plugin is not for that style of bookmark – it manages the bookmarked lines in your file)
    • It should be doable in a variety of ways in one of the Scripting languages (PythonScript, LuaScript – both of which are in Plugins Admin – or externally through “PerlScript”)
    • Oh, right: It can actually be done natively, using either the Run menu and possibly the Right-Click Context Menu.
    1. Run menu:
      • Use Run > Run…, and enter "$(NPP_FULL_FILE_PATH)" "c:\path\to\FILE1.ext"
      • Click Save and give it a name like Open FILE1, and possibly assign a shortcut. OK
      • Repeat as necessary for your N favorite files
      • Any added here will show up in the Run menu, with the names and shortcuts defined. They are stored in shortcuts.xml
    2. Right-Click Context Menu: this will add your Run menu files into the right-click menu inside a file
      • Use Settings > Edit Popup Context Menu
      • Add in <Item ...> entries for each file
        • <Item MenuEntryName="Run" MenuItemName="FILE1"/> will run the FILE1 entry from the Run menu
        • If your context menu is crowded, create a subfolder , like <Item FolderName="PinnedFiles" MenuEntryName="Run" MenuItemName="FILE1"/>
      • Save contextMenu.xml and restart Notepad++


  • While cleaning out my FILE1 testcase, I found “Open Useful File” in my UserDefinedCommands (Run-menu entries), which told me that about a month ago I answered a similar question. :-)

  • @jbb23

    Try the Explorer Plugin from Plugin admin. It has a Favorites dockable.


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