Suggestion: Move Updating to Next App Close

  • I use Notepad++ and Paint.Net, two apps which frequent updates and pop up a window on start when a new update is available. I always update Paint.Net and I almost never update Notepad++. The difference is that Paint.Net asks you if you want to update after you finish this session. Meaning you don’t have to disrupt what you were planning to do when you opened the app. Notepad++ does it right now meaning I have to stop what I’m doing and I never want to do that when I just meant to pop open the app to read a file. The other difference is that Paint.Net has a zero-intervention updater (meaning I don’t have to click any more buttons, it just does it once I clicked the first Yes button), but the timing is the bigger concern from my perspective.

  • @beard-second

    Please see here.

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